Jason Scott talks with Jhalendra Rijal, Area IPM Advisor for the North San Joaquin Valley, about UC Cooperative Extension research involving the walnut husk fly. The walnut husk fly is a small, colorful fly that lays its eggs in the husk of a walnut where its larvae soon hatch. Jhalendra explains how these hatching larvae create issues for the processing and marketing of walnuts. He theorizes how populations of walnut husk flies may be on the rise due to increased walnut acreages throughout the valley. Additionally, Jhalendra cites insufficient winter chill due to rising temperatures as a cause for increased issues, causing walnut husk flies to emerge over a longer period of time. He encourages growers to visit www2.ipm.ucanr.edu/agriculture/walnut/ for more information about walnut husk flies and other walnut pests.